Newsletter Issue #2 October to December 2016

Oxford Houses Of Virginia

Issue 2 – October – December 2016

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State Convention

I don’t know about everyone else, but I am excited for state convention in February! I am definitely looking forward to the educational opportunities as well as meeting new people. I am not sure what to expect, but am still excited about it. I hope to bring back lots of information to the chapter, as well as the house. I know from the world convention that there is a lot of information to learn, and not all of us have time to learn it. Don’t let that stop you from making the effort, though. You never know when you might learn something valuable that can be used to help get someone who needs help in to an Oxford House, or to successfully perform an officer responsibility.

Tradition 9 Volunteer of the Year Award

The 2016 Oxford House Tradition 9 Volunteer of the Year went to Greg Tremo of Chapter 7, Hampton Roads of Virginia. Mr. Tremo has been an active member of Oxford Houses of Virginia for three years and has persistently sought ways to promote community support for the program. Among his contributions to substance abuse prevention, Mr. Tremo has dedicated his time and talents to the multiple local youth groups in the Williamsburg Virginia area. It has been a perennial success and he has helped to keep many of the community’s students keep coming back for support.  His outreach to community and business entities alike has provided attendees support and most importantly, a priceless sense of a caring community. Greg Tremo’s dedication demonstrates how one person can positively impact the lives of so many and makes him a deserving recipient of this recognition.

Final Thoughts

Not a whole lot happened in the other Chapters, as far as I know, except for Emily R. taking over as Outreach worker for the western part of the state. Chapter 11 has offered to pay for 2 people from each house Except for new houses, or old houses that want to send more than 2 people, this has set up all of our houses for representation and participation at the state convention. Next up, Spring Cleaning! Technically, it is still winter, but no reason not to start thinking about making the houses look good for the neighborhood! I am hoping to see more participation for the January – March edition of the newsletter. Till next time!

Andrew Morehouse

Chapter 11 Chairperson

Editor in Chief – Oxford Houses of Virginia Newsletter


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Oxford Houses of Virginia Newsletter

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